StoneCoat Floors 

StoneCoat Floors 


Paver Sealing & Restoration

Pavers Made New

Discover 'Pavers Made New' your ultimate choice for paver restoration, cleaning and sealing. We specialize in rejuvenating concrete pavers, natural stone surfaces with our advanced steam pressure cleaning and eco-friendly techniques.


Why Should Your Pvers be Sealed?

Certainly! Here's a shorter version of the bullet points with combined features and benefits:

1. **Stain-Proofing:**

   - **Benefit:** Protects against water and oil stains, preserving your pavers' pristine appearance and reducing maintenance efforts.

2. **Penetrating & Breathable:**

   - **Benefit:** Deeply penetrates the surface while allowing breathability, enhancing durability and maintaining natural beauty.

3. **UV Resistant:**

   - **Benefit:** High UV resistance prevents color fading, saving money on replacements and keeping your pavers vibrant.

4. **Easy Reapplication:**

   - **Benefit:** Can be reapplied without stripping, simplifying maintenance and saving time and money.

5. **Color Enhancement Without Slip:**

   - **Benefit:** Enhances color without slipperiness, improving aesthetics and ensuring safety for you and your guests.

6. **Manufacturer Recommended:**

   - **Benefit:** Preserves warranty and investment, following manufacturers' recommendations for long-term maintenance.


We  Restore the Beauty of pavers and concrete. However, when we apply our sealers to your newly installed pavers - natural and Veneer hardscape, they have now been STAIN-PROOFED. Your pavers and stone will look  like new for many years. Because our sealers are penetrating and impregnating the UV has less chance of damaging your property.