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StoneCoat Floors 


About Us

StoneCoat Floors

StoneCoat Floors, a synthesis of quality and durability, is the brainchild of Jonathan and Carrie Manning, a couple devoted to their family of nine children and to each other, with 22 years of marriage. For them, family is not just important—it’s pivotal.

Jonathan, a proud native of Arizona, has been mastering the art of concrete coatings since 1997. With a deep-rooted love for his home state and a passion for his craft, he has worked diligently to bring excellence to every project he undertakes. His devotion extends beyond his work to his community and his faith, having served a church mission in Spain in his younger years and remaining active in his church.

Before embarking on the journey to create StoneCoat Floors, Jonathan contributed to his father’s business, eventually realizing his aspiration to carve his own path. Balancing a full-time job and the joys and challenges of raising nine children, he earned his Bachelor’s of Science in Business Management in 2009.

Our Vision

At StoneCoat Floors, we believe in delivering top-notch quality at fair prices. We delight in witnessing the transformative power of our services, breathing new life into every project we touch. We are not just providing flooring solutions; we are creating environments that resonate with beauty and functionality, spaces where memories are made.

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